Performance Plan for Long-Term Training
or Developmental Assignment Participant

Instructions to Interim Supervisor: This is a performance plan for the individual named below (who is an employee under my direct supervision) for the duration of his/her LTT training or developmental assignment as shown. As the official supervisor, I need performance input on which to complete an annual evaluation report. Please rate the individual on the performance objectives identified below using the letter input associated with the Total Army Performance Evaluation System (TAPES), i.e., Excellence (E), Success (S), Needs Improvement (NI), or Fails (F). Please include narrative comments supporting each letter rating. (Comments on "S" ratings are optional.) Any additional evaluative information you deem appropriate is also welcome. I need to complete the individual's annual rating of record on . Therefore, I would appreciate receiving your input on the employee's performance during the LTT or assignment NLT . Please mail the input to me in the envelope attached. Thank you for your assistance.

Supervisor's Name:
Mailing Address:
Name of Participant:
Dates of training:
Training Institution/Facility:

Performance Objectives:

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