Section I

Last Name First Name Middle Initial

Pay Plan Series Grade Major Command

Career Program - CP Employing Activity

Servicing Resource Management Office

Type of Training FT PT

Period of Training:   Start End

Section II       Cost of Training (only if applicable)

Elements of ExpenseFYCostsFYCostsTotal Costs
Per Diem (TDY Only)
PCS Cost (See JTR)
FY Total

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Instructions for completing this form:

(1)Payment of tuition will be paid one semester at a time. Your employing activity is responsible for assuring that academic and other appropriate fees are paid to the facility. (2)Travel will be IAW the JTR, Vol II. The participant is authorized one trip to and from the training site and full per diem for one day; mileage reimbursement and per diem limited to constructive cost of common carrier transportation; and related per diem as determined in the JTR. (3) For training within the participant's commuting area, reimbursement is authorized for mileage IAW the appropriate rate, for the distance that exceeds the employee's commuting distance to the regular place of work and return, along with necessary parking fees and tolls. (4)Per Diem - 55% of the applicable per diem at the training site while in training is authorized. Reimbursement for local travel while on per diem is not authorized. (5)PCS Costs - In lieu of per diem you may be authorized movement of dependents and household goods at your request, if a cost comparison made in compliance with paragraph C4502-2, JTR Vol 2, shows that such movement would be less costly to the Government than per diem. (6) Books-Fees cover books only.(7) Salary and benefits of the Long-Term Training participants remain the responsibility of the parent command (See Administrative Procedures for detail).

Purpose and Use:
The Government Employees training Act of 1958 (USC, Title 5, 4101 to 4118), EO 9397, November 1943 (SSN).   Used in the administration of the Federal Training Program.   Personal information provided in this application package is given on a voluntary basis.   Failure to provide this information, however, may result in ineligibility for participation in training programs.