Maintenance Events & System Downtime

July 12, 2012 - What happened to Resume Builder/Answer?

The Army completed its transition to the DoD Enterprise Recruitment Tool (USA Staffing) effective, 1 May 2012.  USA Staffing is the single hiring process and tool used by all DoD components.   Effective, 12 July 2012 applicants no longer have access to Resume Builder.   Applicants will be able to view the status of self-nominations from the old system via USAJOBS - My Account - Application Status.
Please visit the Army Civilian Service website for the latest Employment information.

Scheduled DCPDS Downtime - Feb/Mar 2014

20 Mar thru 25 Mar 2014 - Full system migration to Denver.

  • Affected Pay Period: Beginning 09 MAR 2014 and ending 22 MAR 2014
  • Process all actions for this pay period prior to: 20 MAR 2014
  • Payroll cutoff: 25 MAR 2014
  • New Hires effective 23 or 24 MAR 2014, may have a delay in getting CAC Cards
  • DCPDS and CSU will be taken down on Thursday, 20 MAR 2014 @ 7PM EST
  • DCPDS and CSU will become available on Tuesday, 25 MAR 2014 @ 10AM EST (dependant on testing)
  • On Tuesday, 25 MAR 2014, Army Unique applications (Business Objects, CHRABC, FASCLASS, WASS/CivFors) will show the data as of Wednesday, 19 MAR 2014.
Thank you for your patience with these events.

Portal Downtime: Thursday Morning

On Thursday mornings each week, the Portal may be taken out of service from 6:00-7:00am Eastern
for regularly scheduled maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

System/Network Maintenance: Monthly Maintenance Weekend (MMW) Downtime

There is a system/network maintenance event scheduled for one weekend every month.
Server and application downtime specifics will be posted no later than COB 72 hours before the event:

Next MMW Event:    Fri Apr 25 through Sun Apr 27

The CPOL Portal will be Unavailable during this period.

Production systems will go down starting Friday at 9:00 pm and will become available again on Sunday at 5:00 pm. All applications will be unavailable during this period, including, but not limited to:

Business Objects,
WASS State Department.

AG1CP (Belvoir) local network resources such as share drives and network printers will be unavailable from 0800 Saturday until 0800 Sunday for patches and drive expansion.

Please note that we are now operating on a standardized monthly maintenance schedule. As such, ALL applications will be unavailable from Friday 9:00 PM (Eastern) until Sunday 5:00 PM (Eastern) on all subsequent maintenance weekends. We believe that this standardization will facilitate long-term planning by both our IT staffs as well as our customers in the field, and result in substantially fewer last-minute schedule modifications.

2014 Monthly Maintenance Weekend (MMW) Dates:
                    (Tentative dates - details to be announced)

May 2014               Fri May 16 through Sun May 18
June 2014             Fri Jun 20 through Sun Jun 22
July 2014               Fri Jul 18 through Sun Jul 20
August 2014         Fri Aug 15 through Sun Aug 15
September 2014  Fri Sep 19 through Sun Sep 21
October 2014        Fri Oct 17 through Sun Oct 19
November 2014    Fri Nov 21 through Sun Nov 23
December 2014    Fri Dec 12 through Sun Dec 14

As always, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation!

        (NOTE: All listed times are Eastern Standard Time)