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icon for CPOL Employee Portal OCT 21 - PORTAL CONNECTION ISSUE! CPOL Portal is now AVAILABLE for all regions. Please feel free to contact the Systems Operation Center with any questions or concerns about this.

Link to army dot Mil article Oct 16, 2014 - Under SecArmy Carson: "Army's civilian workforce is indispensable "    Speaking at the Oct. 15 Department of the Army Civilian Luncheon, during the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition, Under Secretary of the Army Brad R. Carson predicted that as the troop drawdown in Afghanistan continues, the demand for Army civilian employees there will increase. He pledged to continue support for career program development and training for civilians serving worldwide.   Read More!

Link to CP10 Newsletter PDF Oct 2, 2014 - a new CP 10 Newsletter   Welcome to our third issue of the CP-10 Newsletter, for 4th Quarter 2014! My goal is to bring you unique and relevant insight into both strategic level activities that impact us as members of the Civilian cohort, as well as issues that affect you as members of CP-10.   Read More!

Link to Army.mil October is Army Cybersecurity Awareness Month This is an annual campaign to increase awareness of organizational cybersecurity practices and training that will help the Army improve its overall security posture ...    Read more

Link to Army Office of Energy Initiatives October is Army Energy Action Month Effective October 1, 2014, Secretary of the Army John McHugh signed a directive to establish the Office of Energy Initiatives (OEI) - Securing Army Installations with Energy that is Clean, Reliable and Affordable. Visit their website http://www.oei.army.mil Read more

Link to Army.mil Domestic Violence Awareness Month The Domestic Violence Awareness Month honors the most important asset of the Army, the family, as they are a vital part of the nation's security through the foundation they provide to the Soldiers. ...    Read more

Link to bio and comments An Army Legend Retires    Effective 1 Oct 2014, Dr. Engin Crosby will retire after 28 years of service in the federal government. Dr. Crosby was the principal visionary and architect of two major repositories of data and complex applications. She is an academic with impeccable credentials and her pioneering work underpins human capital strategic planning ... Read More!

Link to ArmyMemo LTG McConville letter to all Civilian Corps employees  LTG McConville took the helm as the Army G1 on 21 Jul. Civilian Corps shouldered heavy burdens in FY 13 with Sequestration, Furlough, Awards Cap. FY 15 brings more challenges as we work to drawdown the Active Duty Army, which will impact the Civilian Corps.    Please Read