Transition Plan

The revised Knowledge Center plan, as approved by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civilian Personnel), focuses on a continued presence within milSuite while transitioning content from legacy systems to other existing DoD platforms and moving to a self-service / collaborative paradigm. This plan modernizes and streamlines multiple CHRM processes by eliminating the “gate-keeper” function of the current web master process while allowing authorized individuals to be able to post new or revised information directly, eliminating the requirement to develop and pass change requests thru a bureaucratic external process for implementation.

The HR tools available on the CPOL Portal at - those will not change. Civilian Personnel and HR professionals will still go there as the front door for CHRA, ABC and DMDC applications.

The DCPDS logon portal at used for access to MyBiz+ etc, will not be impacted or modified by this change.

The Library Topics/PERMISS is being re-created in a CAC protected space called the Army Civilian HR community at this URL: